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  • Modesty in the Workplace - A Personal Account

    Ammaarah Bagus tells her story.
  • Modesty in the Workplace

    It recently came to light, that there are women in our community, in our very own circles who in the present time of democracy and freedom, have experienced opposition to donning the headscarf in a working or learning environment!
    This information was so startling and disturbing, that we decided to take the opportunity to initiate a campaign with the launch of our latest collection, The Working Woman.
    The collection, launched in August, Women’s month, is a celebration of female empowerment. Therefore our campaign, #ModestyInTheWorkplace , will reinforce and support these values as it aims to create an awareness around the challenges many women face within their professional lives and acknowledge the negative impact of those challenges. Modesty in the Workplace, gives women back their independence and liberates them from the shackles of unrealistic beauty standards.
    This campaign will create an opportunity for woman to be free in their identity and to display their faith and values with pride!