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Modesty in the Workplace

On 9th August 1956, during the height of Apartheid, thousands of women of different races came together and marched to the Union buildings in Pretoria to hand over a memorandum demanding the right be recognized as equal citizens. These women showed their strength, dignity and commitment to bringing about change in an unequal society. This historic event marked the beginning of National Women’s day in South Africa and laid down the foundation for a movement of change and recognition of women’s rights.

During Women’s month, we celebrate women: their lives, loves, passions, strengths, victories, challenges and struggles. Every woman’s struggle is different depending on their race, cultural background, social and economic standing and religion.

As Muslim women, living in a western world with values antithetically opposed to our faith, we struggle with being true to who we are in our identity.

The biggest challenge that some Muslim women experience, is how to uphold our modest attire in the society and age in which we live?
Muslim women may feel pressured to conform to societal norms either by themselves or by external parties who dictate what Muslim or women in general should be wearing!

The women who marched in 1956 for freedom and recognition have inspired women in this country and globally to move for change and not to accept such unjust dictates.

South Africa is an amazing country with an exceptional constitution which grants freedom and rights to all its citizens, therefore as Muslim women we should be taking advantage of these liberties and basking in the glory of our identity as Muslim women and unapologetically and proudly be displaying our faith through our dress.

Thousands of women marched in 1956 to give us the freedom today… let us honour and respect their legacy by being true to our identity and embodying who we are as Muslim women wholly and completely.

No one can take our freedom from us but ourselves if we allow the pressures and norms of others to dictate how we live or what we should wear.

Our freedom as Muslim women is not only enshrined in the South African constitution but it is enshrined in the articles of our faith.

Know your rights
Empower yourselves
Support each other
Love who you are

“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”


Our campaign, Modesty in the Workplace, is here to first and foremost show support to all women. To create awareness in terms of our Islamic rights and the laws of our Country. It is for ALL women to be empowered. That the right and dignity of a woman should NOT be reduced to how short her skirt is or how low her top is.

Reach out to each other, support each other in the challenges we might face, whether it be personal, familial, or in our work or study environments. There are so many women out there whose story is not heard.

We invite you to share your stories.

#ShowYourSupport #ShareYourStory