All Slip dress preorders from the December 15 onwards will be ready for courier or collection in 2022

About us

Founded by Athira du Toit, SAYIDA, was started in 2017 with the intention of filling a gap in the modest fashion industry.

The very first, small Spring collection was launched on the 28th October 2017 at a Ladies Only Market hosted by Darun-Na’im Academy. The launch was to set the tone for an exclusive market or pop up presence that has become the defining trade mark of SAYIDA.

Athira was looking for a unique modest clothing range to compliment her niqab and trendy abayah style but she found that though the clothing markets were saturated with modest wear, there seemed to be a gap in the market for non-traditional abayas and flowing garments.

Athira decided to close this gap and provide an alternative clothing line for women with discerning taste who wish to uphold their modesty and still be trendy... and SAYIDA was born.

SAYIDA is a small, Cape Town based business which aims to inspire modest dress while maintaining a standard of elegance and simplicity.

SAYIDA consciously strives to distance itself from a throwaway culture therefore each collection is carefully pieced together and curated with the sole objective of maintaining exclusivity, ensuring versatility and trans-seasonal functionality, allowing all garments to be timeless and for any occasion.

As SAYIDA works on expanding its brand, it will continue to strive to empower women with the belief that natural beauty and simplicity is the goal, and that elegant modesty can be achieved without compromise of values.