All Slip dress preorders from the December 15 onwards will be ready for courier or collection in 2022

The Silk Route

The Silk Route is where the love of elegance, beauty, nature, travel, history and culture meets.

It embodies the values and passions of Amīna Bagus-du Toit who runs the small scarf company.

This little scarf company is a labour of love for Amīna and was born out of an adventure to India to find her Indian roots.

India is a vast land extremely rich in heritage and culture that dates back centuries and is known for its luscious silks and detailed embroideries.

Each piece in The Silk Route selection reflects the richness and diversity of India from the bustling cities, to the iconic Taj Mahal and to the pristine mountains of Kashmir.

The Silk Route is where the discerning shopper can find unique scarves made from the finest silks and wool.
Each scarf a work of art and mark of luxury that will transport the wearer down the ancient Silk Route.

The Silk Route has partnered with SAYIDA, an exciting new brand...this partnership allows the sophisticated modest shopper of any age, the opportunity to complete her stunning ensemble with the perfect scarf/shawl from The Silk Route.

To veiw or purchase any of The Silk Route products, please contact Amīna on: